Monday, November 29, 2010

spread the love

i have been so stressed lately about what to get austin for christmas.  i knew that if i ordered some things, it could take a while to get it, so i needed to plan ahead.  i have everyone's gifts bought, except for a couple, and today, i think i finished up austin's.  but let's just be honest...

none. of. us. need. a. thing.

i know that there are so many great organizations out there that some of you may be involved with... operation christmas child, salvation army, compassion, local angel trees, st. jude, etc.

but... if you are not currently involved with anything, or haven't donated, please consider an orphan's wish!

you don't necessarily have to give a chunk of money!

i know that times are hard right now, and some don't have any excess money to donate, but here is a current list of supplies that they could use...
  • Used Ponseti clubfoot boots and bars – all sizes (especially 0, 00, 000 and 1, and bars as well!)
  • Used pediatric walkers
  • Kaye walkers (with or without a seat)
  • Used pediatric wheelchair – if you have one to donate, we will work out the shipping!
  • New or used clothes – t-shirts, shorts, jeans, sweaters (fleece-type sweaters preferred – makes drying easier)
  • New or used long underwear – children sized 1-16
  • New or used tube socks or Old Navy long style socks for under AFOs and clubfoot braces
  • New or used fleecy robes – children any size
  • New or used pajamas – children any size, summer or winter
  • New or used Answer 2 shoes – these are perfect for the kids who wear AFOs
  • New or used hard-soled slippers for wintertime wear
  • Homemade ‘fun’ cotton pillowcases – the bigger kids in the Res/CP Unit love these
  • Homemade fleecy blankets – either knotted or machine edged
  • Bumbo seats – these are wonderful for our children who have trouble learning to sit
  • Liquid children’s vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Allergy relief
  • Fish Oil tablets
  • Cough medicine
you can contact me if you would like more information, or are interested in giving any items.

if you are able to give financially, you can click HERE to do that, or you can purchase specific gifts for the children from HERE.

here are the latest photos of my little cooper man... (yes, he broke his arm. :( )

ben and i decided to buy specific gifts for the children in honor of cooper for christmas!  some of my favorite memories of austin will be when she gets a bath, lotioned up, and has her pajamas on, so that's what we bought... lotion, a robe, pajamas, and slippers.

will you join us in spreading the love??

if you would like information on sponsoring a child, or an orphan's wish, click HERE, or feel free to contact me.

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Unknown said...

I am so glad that I found your blog (especially this post) through Bloggy Moms! My son was born with clubfeet and I have a couple of old pairs of ponseti shoes/bars that I could donate. Send me an email (link on my blog) with some more info about how to donate!


ps. new follower!