Tuesday, November 16, 2010

shopping and a night with the chapmans

we had another great weekend!!  i've been looking forward to this weekend for a looooong time!

on friday, we had to leave town for a farm bureau meeting.  our time on the young farmers & ranchers committee is coming to an end.  mom and steve came to our house and kept peanut for us.  it was my first night away from peanut since we went to d.c. in february!  i was so ready for a little break!  i thought that i would get to sleep in, but my sweetheart of a husband woke me up with his shower water running and stirring around in the room.  oh well...

on saturday, ben took me shopping all day!  it was time for me to get a few new clothes.  he was so sweet... he didn't complain one bit.  he even bought me a new coffee pot!  i got a 14 cup kitchen aid, and that basically just made my day, even without the clothes.  i always thought that i wanted a bunn maker, but after comparing them in target, this one looked so much better.  it has some really neat features.
on sunday, mom and i went to see steven curtis chapman on the "a night with the chapmans" tour.  it was sooooo good!  i have been a huge fan of scc and the whole family for years and years.  they are such an amazing family, with huge hearts for adoption and orphan care.  hearing them speak always gets me pumped up about advocating.  to learn more about the organization they started, you can click HERE.  they have a special needs home in china, and they assist with adoptions by providing financial grants to those that qualify.

we're trying to decide what to get peanut for her 1 big christmas gift this year.  so far, i've just bought her a couple of little things, but i don't know what the main even should be.  any suggestions????  my thoughts are... a kitchen set, a chair or recliner, the little tykes car, or table and chairs.  she needs a large wooden toybox, but i have no idea where i would put on right now.  so... what did you get your 12-18 month old??  what did your 12-18 month old enjoy at that age??


Brittany Kennedy said...

A toybox is wonderful, I got Ayden that for his first christmas, well my dad built him one, and it has been wonderful ever since!

Unknown said...

Bailey got a kitchen set last year from Jeff's mom but she has just now really gotten into playing with it.

Ferrell Boys Mom said...

Shane got the Cozy Coupe - Big red car- for his 1st birthday, and he loved it. Still loves it.