Sunday, November 28, 2010

our thanksgiving

i really didn't take many photos of our thanksgiving.  which now, i could hit myself for it.  :(  but we had a great day... we all got dressed for family photos (see previous post), opened gifts, some went to the farm, some cooked, some napped, and then we ate!

we had our christmas together, since ben's sisters won't be able to come back down for christmas this year.  austin didn't get into opening gifts as much as i thought she would, but she loves what she got!  she has carried books, and winnie the pooh around ever since.
ben and i stayed home with mom and papaw while everyone else loaded up to visit the farm.  we kept josh, and here i am rocking him for part of his nap.  we helped cook, too.
my mom won a turkey fryer this year, so we had fried turkey!  i actually didn't even eat but a bite of it, because i mostly ate ham.
austin was such a pill and threw a minor fit in her highchair, so neither one of us got to enjoy our dinner.  such is life with a baby.  :)
after we ate and relaxed a while, we played the game wits and wagers.  it was so much fun!

i hope you everyone had a great thanksgiving.  i couldn't help but think about all of the children and people in the world that have no idea what it's like to not be hungry.  here we are with such an abundance of everything, and they have nothing.  never get so wrapped up with holidays that we forget what really matters!

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Ashley said...

Hi! I'm a new follower.... LOVE the blog! Your little one is so precious!