Monday, November 22, 2010

hannah's wedding

ben's cousin, hannah, got married saturday!  i looooooooooved her dress!!  her colors were red and black, and it was so pretty!
we had a lot of family come in for the wedding, and some were able to stay over for thanksgiving.  ben's sisters were able to come.  here is his sister sarah, and her husband eric.  they live in colorado.
this is ben's cousin beth, and her family.  they were missionaries to amsterdam, which just amazes me.  :)  they have been moving around, and are now moving to kansas city.
mom and steve had to get in on the action...
this is ben's cousin jon, and his family.  (jon is beth's brother.)  they live in indiana.
the 3 musketeers... mark, ben, and jon.
we had a good time!  more family photos to come!  :)

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