Monday, November 1, 2010

a fun week

we were lucky girls this past week.  we got to spend a lot of time with ben!  he took off monday afternoon for us to take peanut to the pumpkin patch.  she loved it, and her favorite thing was the corn box (instead of sand box).  she played and played until we made her get out.
ben said that he would make her a little corn box next year with our corn, but i told him NO, that was too much shopping money to waste.  :)  she wouldn't stand still for this next photo...
she was a little small for these tractors, but daddy gave her a little scoot...
my sweet family!  poor peanut was so grouchy.  she screamed the whole time she was in her carseat that day.  :(  it was a miserable ride.  she looks so tired in this photo.
look how she's looking at me in these next 2 photos... hahahaha...
daddy also took off early on thursday to take us shopping!  we all 3 got some things, and peanut finally got her smocked christmas dress for the next couple of years.  it wasn't the one that i wanted, but i got it so much cheaper that i couldn't pass it up.  we had dinner together, and had a great time.
daddy also had to take off early on friday, because we had a farm bureau dinner to attend, and had a little over an hour drive to it.  other than that, the weather has been so nice that we've gone outside a lot.  it's so nice being outside now that peanut can walk!  i can just put her down and keep an eye on her.  she loves being outside!

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Goodnight moon said...

What an adorable lil' pumpkin you have! She is so yummy looking!!!! Great pictures!

I'm also loving those cute polka dotted shoes!