Wednesday, November 17, 2010

fourteen months

  • you weigh 20 lbs.
  • you are 29.75 - 30 inches long.
  • you are in a size 3 diaper.
  • you are in a size 12 month, or 12-18 month clothes.  you are so skinny that i've had to start getting some of your new pants altered.  i've found that old navy pants and jeans fit you pretty good.  your gymboree jeans fall right down to your knees.  :(
  • you wear a size 3 shoe.
  • you are walking really good now!  the other day i had socks on your feet, and you didn't like that too well, so you crawled to keep from slipping on the floor.  :)  but other than that, you are a full time walker!
  • you no longer take a bottle, only a sippy cup.
  • you are still attached to your paci's when you're tired, or riding in the car.
  • you go through spurts with your eating.  some days you are a great eater, and some you don't eat a whole lot.  you eat pretty healthy things, which makes me happy.  you eat way better than your mama already.
  • you ask for your cup by coming into the kitchen and whining or "fake" crying.
  • you know that i keep cheerios on top of the cabinet for you, so you are constantly pointing up there asking for some.
  • your favorite thing to get into is the bottom and middle drawer in the kitchen.  the bottom drawer has towels and hot-pot-holders, and the middle drawer has things like measuring spoons, measuring cups, etc.  i frequently find measuring spoons or cups in random places throughout the house.
  • you have no interest in sesame street, even though i put it on every morning.  your favorite show is the same... yo gabba gabba.
  • you understand the words "movie," and "t.v."  you will go stand at the t.v. and whine, while pressing the remote wanting your movie to come on.  what you're really asking for is a baby einstein dvd.  :)  if you come in the kitchen, i will say, "go watch your movie," and you will go back to the t.v. to watch it.
  • you sat in santa clause's lap for the 2nd time in your life, and you were so scared of him!  you screamed and cried.  it was terrible.
  • you have started doing much better about leaving your bows in your hair.
  • you are starting to really understand when we're gone.  sometimes, if daddy comes home for lunch and plays with you, you whine at the door when he leaves.  this past weekend, mommy and daddy went away overnight, and gammy said you would go to the door and beat on it.
  • you drink like crazy!  you amaze me at how much juice and milk you drink in a day.  i'm going to start trying to give you just plain water more often.  and maybe we should buy stock in pampers.
  • you haven't said any words that i can understand, yet.  gammy and pepaw swore that you said "juice" and "achoo" when someone sneezed.  i don't think i believe them.  :)
  • you have sorta gotten mean to sydney.  you will wait until she's good and comfortable, and then go pull the blanket out from under her, or something like that.  she gets so mad at you, and you think it's hilarious.  when she's locked in her kennel, you go sit by the door and talk to her, try to pet her through the door, or get her out.  i think you miss her.
  • you are obsessed with books.  you have a new cheerios book that you are supposed to put cheerios on the page in the right places.  you try to put them where they belong, and then you pick it up and eat it.  :)
  • you have fallen in love with your white bunny rabbit that grandma and grandpa gave you for easter.  it can usually be found in your crib, because you love to snuggle with it.
  • you love strangers.  anytime an older, grandma-ish lady stops and talks to you, you dive for them to hold you.  it's crazy.  they usually hold you for a minute, and then you come back to me.  maybe you will be a little social butterfly.
  • you love love love love animals!!
  • you still only have 6 teeth, 4 on top, and 2 on bottom.  i think you will be getting some on the top very soon.
  • your favorite snack is probably a banana.
  • you are SUCH a sweet girl, and we love you to pieces!!
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"only God knows your full potential, and He is guiding you toward that best version of yourself all the time.'' -john ortberg

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Nickie said...

Awww...she is SO adorable! I had to giggle at the pulling the blanket from under the pup part... I bet that is so cute!!! Time sure does fly by doesn't it?