Monday, November 8, 2010

fantabulous weekend!

we had such a great weekend!!  on saturday, i got my hair a much needed trim.  don't you just always feel better when you get a hair cut?  :)  anyway, then i had a baby shower to attend while mom, steve, ben, and peanut went to lunch.  then, we all went to the basketball game!  it was an exhibition game, so there was hardly anyone there, and it was our first one, so we figured that it would be a good game to test peanut and see how she would do.
she was her usual busy self.  we took turns walking around with her, and passing her to sit in our laps.  there was a man sitting in front of us that was wearing a large fishing-type hat.  she kept trying to pull it off of his head.  talk about embarrassing... sheesh.  he was a good sport though, thank you Jesus!
i love exhibition games, because we always get to sit so close to the floor.  we can hear the coach talking sometimes, and the players make calls.  can't hear any of that from our normal seats!
she laid there looking all calm and relaxed long enough for a photo.  ha!
we had msu ice cream, as always.  the university has a creamery, and it's sooo good!
we're excited about the upcoming season!  woo hoo!!!
on sunday, gammy and pepaw kept peanut for us to go to a meeting with our church.  it was giving a sneak peek at what's to come, and i am soooo excited about what God is doing!  i'm sure that i will talk more about that in the next few months.


Karen At Home Blog said...

Your little girl is so cute! Glad you had such a great weekend. I love her outfit!!!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute is kills me!! I wish we lived closer together so they could play together!!

Veronica said...

Our weekends sound similar with haircuts and a baby shower! I love the pic of Austin with her mouth open, smiling so big. Gosh she is growing!!!

Julianna said...

OH MY. she looks JUST like YOU (when you get cracked up) in that photo with her nose scrunched!! Good seein' ya'll today!