Monday, November 15, 2010

chemically compromising

i have been trying to bring some changes to the way that we do things around here, and it hasn't been easy!

let's just say... i have been a clorox girl.
i've never even thought about harmful chemicals before.  never.

and like everything else... "then i had a child."

i'm trying to be a little safer these days.

we are trying switching from my beloved all baby... (ben is allergic to most detergents, so we use all, and i only use all baby because of the smell, not because of austin. :) we have also used all free & clear for years.)
IMG_7481 a more natural detergent from goat milk stuff.

but the one thing that i'm afraid i can't let go of... the clorox/lysol wipe.  it's just too convenient for words.

so tell me... do you use more natural and safer things to clean your home?  or have you even thought about it?  what kind of chemicals are your children exposed to??

this has been a hard subject for us to agree on, with me being married to a farmer.  you know, farmers get veeerrryyy defensive when it comes to chemicals.  but i think ben understands that what i use cleaning our house is also what we breathe in every single day.

we also made the decision a long time ago, to not buy hormone injected meats.  we pay more, but we don't want austin to have additional hormones in her body.  don't little girls grow up fast enough??  i've switched to organic milk for that same reason.  (i also like the taste better.)  i'm not on the organic fruits and veggetables band-wagon.  i just try to wash them really good, and i hope and pray that any traces of anything are gone.  the hubs won't let me go completely organic crazy.  only in moderation.  :)

there are so many things that i could do that i don't do... cloth diapering, for example.  some days, i want to do all of those things, but i've come to realize that i have to take baby steps.  i really believe that all of these unnecessary chemicals are part of the reason that so many people have cancer.  just something to think about.


Kim said...

It was good to see y'all the other night! A few blogs I read rave about the Shaklee Get Clean line. I have been wanting to order some myself.

That is the website I bookmarked. I am trying to remember the blogger. But the stuff looks like it works great. She showed some pictures of her oven before and after using the heavy duty paste. Just thought I would mention the stuff.

Anonymous said...

We are pretty much the same in our house. I use all the same cleaning stuff as before except in Grace's room and her bathroom. As far as food all animal products are organic and only the fruits and veggies that we eat the skin of.
When I found out that the average age of puberty in a girl is now 9 years old, I freaked out. I am very protective of what she eats now.