Tuesday, November 2, 2010

carving pumpkins

we had a great day on saturday.  after peanut took her morning nap, we went to town to eat lunch together.  we went to kfc, and ended up eating with ben's cousin, christian.  peanut apparently loves kfc, because she ate such a good lunch!  after that, i went to a bridal shower for a little bit, while peanut took her afternoon nap, and when i got home, we carved pumpkins! i printed out a few things on the computer, but we learned really fast that carving was really hard to do!  we really didn't have the right tools, so ben had to do most of the work.
i let peanut play for a little while, and then ben pushed her around in the stroller for a little while for me to take a try at carving.
she was re-united with jesse james.  he is bad about jumping up on she and i, so we don't get to be around him a whole lot.
jesse loves her.  he would just lay by her stroller.  she kept hollering at him, because she wanted him to get up so that she could see him.
he gave her lots of kisses...
sydney is a little afraid of jesse james.  he tries to play with her, but he's so much bigger than she is, and he doesn't realize it.  but she was outside with us, enjoying our pumpkin-carving fun.  ;)
here were the finished products.  she was amazed.  (don't laugh at our attempts to carve pumpkins!  :)  ha!  i thought we did pretty good for our first time!)
and here's peanut at night with her pumpkins all lit up!  :)

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