Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 egg bowl!

i looked forward to saturday all week!  we came home from our parents' on friday night, so by saturday, i had laundry going, and was trying to clean up a little bit.  we got the tree completely decorated.  we ate left over ham from thanksgiving, and also cooked hamburgers.  most importantly... we watched football!!  :)
since austin has learned to climb up on the couch, she is just so proud of herself.  she will get up there and roll around.  i try to sit close by to keep her from falling, but i know sooner or later she will.  :(  of course, she didn't watch any football, but she is always willing to cheer for the bulldogs if someone starts it!  :)
it was soooo nice to chill out... eat our hamburgers... and watch our bulldogs play!!  it was a great game, and kept us on the edge of our seats!  this was our huge rivalry game of the year against ole miss!
and in the end... WE WON!!  woop woop!!  GO DAWGS!!!!  the rebels just couldn't stop us this year!  we had a great season, and are excited about our bowl game coming up!
photo from mstateathletics.com, taken by Mansel Guerry


Tanya said...

She is adorable...I like her little ponytail ;)
Just stopping by from the Bloggy Moms Blog hop. Now following on GFC.

Jodie (www.allgoodinmommyhood.com) said...

Love watching football, and love the pics. Good stuff!
Found you on the Bloggy Moms hop!

Danielle said...

She is just too cute!!I found you on the Bloggy Moms Blog Hop! Following you now!! Hope you'll stop by and visit.

Karen At Home Blog said...

She is just so cute!! Congrats on the bowl!