Friday, October 1, 2010

wagon time

we have been so busy lately!  the last few days we haven't had anything to do, and it was been great!  we have stayed at home, and enjoyed the pretty weather outside!  every day we have gotten the wagon out for rides...
peanut looooooves her wagon! i thought she was going to cry when the ride was over yesterday!  (thankfully, she didn't.)  sydney... not so much.


ashton said...

hi aaustin, i lonm vbvvvvvve yuyguolour wagon l0ve, ashton

Grace said...

so sweet, I love Ashton's note although I couldn't read it! I like the new clothes punkin is sporting too!

Hollie said...

When I saw the picture of her with her mouth open my first thought was, I bet the child is doing what she does best! YELLING!! :) Love ya'll! Miss Priss sure is getting big!