Thursday, October 21, 2010

visiting gammy

our water pressure started getting bad on friday, and by saturday at lunch time, it was completely gone.
i had filled our bath tub full, so we could flush the toilets (turned out that i had to give sydney that water, too), but i had dirty dishes and laundry that i was in the middle of doing, and had to stop.
we packed everything up, and went to gammy's for a few days.  to "leave our troubles behind."  ha!
this is what austin wore to church sunday morning, and they said that she did great in the nursery.  i hope they weren't lying to me.
thanks to one of my monogramming ladies, jennifer, and kelly, i've become obsessed with zebra print.  i think this is my new favorite outfit!  (until the matilda jane gets here!)
when ben got home on sunday night, the water was back on, so we spent the day with gammy on monday, and came home on tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

I know how hard it is not to have any water. A pipe burst under our driveway when we were in the hospital having Grace. When we came home we had very little water pressure and had to fill the tubs up. The whole first week we were we had no water. It was awful and I still don't know how we made it. You are very lucky you got to go to your moms house. Also…I agree with you on the zebra print, it's so cute.