Tuesday, October 12, 2010

visit from gammy, balloon, bottle, & walking

gammy came to visit us for a couple of days last week.  mostly to help me with peanut at my matilda jane party.  peanut had gotten a balloon the day before from a local store-owner, and our good friend, mrs. vicky.  y'all... she loved that balloon!  she drug it around for days and days until the helium was almost completely gone.  it happened to magically disappeared during nap time one day.
[it looks like peanut has a scar on her cheek beside her mouth in this photo... she does not. i don't know why it looks that way. maybe it's a reflection of slobber? :)]

we're having a bit of a situation with milk.  peanut is not drinking cow's milk.  i offer it to her several times a day, and she pushes it away and whines.  she will drink juice like a pro.  even water.  but she wants nothing to do with cow's milk in a sippy cup.  i don't really want to flavor it, but do you have any suggestions??  and, she won't even take formula from a sippy cup.  she wants her bottle.  i know it's time to give it up, but we are having troubles.  :(

she's still not a full-time walker.  she will crawl every now and then.  she is just oh-so-cute walking now with her little shoes.  :)  i think her clothes look even sweeter on her now that you can actually see what the outfits look like as she's standing.  maybe it's just me.  :)

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*Jess* said...

try putting 1/2 formula, 1/2 cow's milk in her bottle and gently wean it down to 100% cows milk. That way she'll get used to the taste before taking bottles away. And if she doesn't end up drinking cow's milk, its really no big deal. Make sure she's getting vit D and calcium from other sources.