Sunday, October 17, 2010

thirteen months

  • you weigh 19 lbs 4 oz.
  • you are 29 inches long.
  • you are in a size 3 diaper, and 2-3's.
  • you wear size 12 month, or 12-18 month clothes.  you can get by wearing a couple of 18 month things, but they are really big, for the most part.
  • you wear a size 3 in shoe.  you just got your first pair of squeaky shoes, and you love them!
  • you are doing so good walking, and you walk almost full-time now.  you are so proud of yourself.
  • you have learned to leave your ponytails, pigtails, and bows alone.  for several days i had to get onto you non-stop for pulling them out, and i think you've learned that lesson.
  • you are getting more and more attached to your daddy.  you just love him.  if he comes home for lunch, you stand at the door and whine for him when he leaves.
  • you have always been ticklish, but lately, you seem to laugh more when i tickle you.  you laugh so hard, and it is so funny and fun to watch you.  your biggest tickle spot is under your armpits (which we call your goosies).
  • you have learned to clap (finally!) and you try to say yay, but it comes out as baby talk.  when we say yay, you clap, and get excited!
  • you are eating table food at all meals now, except for your cereal.  you eat cereal along with your breakfast and dinner, mixed with yogurt in the mornings, and baby food fruit at night.  we still have a couple of packs of baby food vegetables in the pantry, so every now and then i will try to feed you a little with your dinner.  you don't care for it.
  • you are learning to eat out of a bowl, when it's something solid, like puffs, fruit, cheerios, etc.  you are also learning to eat out of a plate.  you like to "use" your fork and spoon, but you mostly just hold it with one hand, and feed yourself with the other.  :)  you will learn one day.
  • you nursed for a few days after your 1st birthday, and then we said our good-bye's to the days of nursing.  i have no doubt that you were ready to quit, but it was so hard for momma.  i miss that time with you, and being able to do something for you that no one else can, but it has also been nice, in a way, to have a little more freedom.  you know, that also means that you are a little more independent.
  • you started getting whole cow's milk in a sippy cup when you quit nursing, and the first time, you drank it like a pro.  ever since then, you haven't wanted to drink it.  i have also mixed it with formula in your cup, and you didn't like it.
  • you take a bottle 2 or 3 times a day.  i have tried just giving you straight formula in a sippy cup, and you push that away.  you whine for your bottle, even cry sometimes.  i'm starting to mix 1/2 formula, and 1/2 cow's milk to try to wean you off of formula.  this is a much harder process than i thought.
  • you still take your pacifier when it's time for a nap, or bedtime, and when you wake up.  you have to have your blanket during those times, too.
  • you love being outside.  you like to ride in your john deere wagon, swing, or just play in the dirt with sticks.
  • your favorite snacks are: any kind of fruit, puffs, ritz or club crackers, applesauce, baby mum-mums, teething biscuits, yogurt melts, and fruit bars.  the other night i was trying to distract you from the kitchen so i could cook, and i gave you a carrot to bite on.  i think you teethed on it a little bit, but you didn't really eat any of it.
  • your favorite toys are: any books, baby dolls, glow-worm, zebra riding toy, toy cell phone, stacking rings, puzzle, learning jewelry box, learning camera, and learning teapot.  most of those things you got as birthday gifts.  books are definitely your favorite thing.  you like for me to go through the animal book with you and make all of the animal sounds.
  • you are starting to be a normal little girl, in that we carry a baby doll with us most places now.  :)  i think it's adorable.
  • you love to play in the bottom 2 drawers in the kitchen.  i had to rearrange the kitchen gadgets so that the drawers were safer for you.  i have given you one of my old plastic spoons.  you love it and carry it around all of the time.  i will sometimes find it in the drawers in the kitchen, like you know that's where it's supposed to go.
  • you do so good riding in the car, unless gammy and/or pepaw are/is with us, and then you scream the entire time.  we think that maybe you think they will get you out of your seat.
  • you have 6 teeth.  2 on bottom, and 4 on top.  you are getting more, too.  you have been whining, and have had your fingers in your mouth for a few days now.
  • your favorite show is still yo gabba gabba.
  • you will dance pretty much any time you hear music.
  • you will cheer for the bulldogs, and it's hilarious.  you'll throw one of your arms in the air, and hollar out something that we don't understand.  :)
  • your bedtime now is around 7:30pm.  you sleep all night until around 8am, usually.  sometimes you will get up early, like 5 or 6, but if i take you a bottle, you go back to sleep until 8 or 9.
  • you take a morning nap, and an afternoon nap.  i have wondered if you are maybe trying to go to 1 nap a day, but i have learned if i wait until later in the afternoon to lay you down, you will still take 2 a day.
  • you snuggled up with me in the bed the night of your birthday party at aunt darlenia's, and went to sleep.  you will never lay in bed with me like that, so that made my day.  i hope i never forget that night with you.  you are so sweet, and are pretty much a momma's girl right now.  if you wake up after you've gone to bed, and i get you out of your crib, you will snuggle with me while i rock and sing you back to sleep.
  • you are so sweet and loving.  you will give us hugs and kisses sometimes without even being asked.
"while we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." -anonymous


Leslie said...

Happy 13 Months!!! I cannot believe it! I have been so bad at commenting lately as well! Life is just crazy!! She looks precious in the London!! I think that is one of my favorite dresses!! It is so versatile and so soft! She is just beautiful!! Thank you for my blog award! You are so sweet!! Made my day! I will try to write about it sometime this week!! Glad you are well, girl, I am dreading the one year end of nursing, because I know this is the last one I will get to nurse! So sad!!! Thanks again for all of your sweet comments! You are a blessing!!

Marilyn Miller said...

Hey Ashia, I enjoy your blog =) Austin is growing so fast!!

I had ordered a beanie from a lady, Veronica, that you had linked to your site this spring sometime and I would like to look at what she has again. Do you know who I am talking about? Could you give that link please? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she is 13 months! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating their birthdays. I love the dress, she is always dressed to cute. I am also very proud that we made it this long nursing too, yay go us!!
So far all the advice I've received about the bottle hasn't worked so I have nothing to report. I figure I just took away the boob so I'll let her keep the bottle for awhile :)