Thursday, October 7, 2010


i haven't wanted to blog much for some reason.  the times that i did, blogger was down, and i kept getting an error message.  yippee.

i can't stop thinking about baby ewan.  i don't know why on earth God lets me happen up on these stories.  maybe it's so that i keep my attitude about gratitude?  i'm not sure.  but it's been hard feeling like you know a family through their blog, and then they go through such loss.

harvest is finally over.  i'm so glad that i'm not sure what to do with myself.  i get to go to lunch with the hubs tomorrow, which i'm excited about.  that hasn't happened in a loooong time.  he hasn't even gotten home in time to see peanut awake in... i don't know how long.

i have started a bible study with a few women from our church.  we're doing one in a million, by priscilla shirer.  i have never done any of her studies, or read her books, and it looks like it will be a good one.  i will admit though, i am having a hard time staying disciplined with this homework.  it's not coming as easy to me as beth moore's esther.

i have gotten o.c.d. about shopping online with the holidays approaching.  it's bad.  i'm so excited to dress peanut up.  i really really really want her to have a christmas smocked dress, and i've been holding off to make sure i find the right one.  i think it may be this one...
what do ya think?  there's just so many to choose from.  :(

i had my matilda jane show this week, and i got some super cute things for peanut! i'm so excited about them! 

i was out earlier this week, and a saleslady at one of my favorite stores kept commenting on how beautiful peanut was.  i kept saying thank you, and going on.  then she told me that peanut reminded her of shiloh jolie-pitt...
i was like hm... never thought about that before.  when i got home, my dear husband informed me that the lady was just trying to make a sale.  :)

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Leah Agnew said...

I got Abby that dress when I had my Kelly's kids party and it's even more cute in person! I can't wait till she can wear it!