Monday, October 25, 2010


we had such a great day on saturday!  it was such a beautiful day for a football game, even though we've been a little upset that the weather is still on the warmer side here.
we stood in line for peanut to see bully, and the line went really fast, so it was no big deal.  they also had the real bulldog taking photos too, but he wasn't there yet when we were there.  :(  maybe next time.  i got several photos of peanut in his lap.  you can't really tell, but she was not a happy camper sitting there by herself.  by the last one, she was pretty much fighting him to get down.
we tailgated with our farm bureau group, and had a good time!  thanks to everyone for their help, because we sure didn't do anything.  it's so hard to keep peanut occupied and take care of her, that i have no brain left for much else.  :(
this just made me laugh...  it was motorized, by the way...
we also visited trent and megan's tailgate, since they were really close to the farm bureau one.
we WON against UAB, sending our ranking up to #23!


Grace said...

I'm so jealous send me a copy of the family picture with Bully!!

Nickie said...

Looks like you had a great time! Several friends of ours were there (we're not State fans though we root for them!) and hubs watched the game on tv. (I was at the EWomen's conference in Tupelo and too exhausted to watch when I got home.) I think Coach Mullens is doing a great job with the Dawgs, and they will only get better! Which is good news to my oldest since he attended State last year (freshman) and plans to transfer back after getting his core. GO DAWGS! ;)