Wednesday, October 13, 2010


i have been wanting for years to sponsor a child through compassion.  for some reason, the hubs kept telling me to wait.  i think he was worried about it fitting into our budget, and i'll just be honest... his heart, and ministry isn't with children like mine is.  he is more into youth, college, and adult ministry, so i don't think he was as quick to give in.
i begged all of the time to sponsor a child, and would periodically look through the children to be sponsored on compassion's website, and pick one out.  (i was also secretly a little disappointed that they don't do sponsorship in china, where my ♥ is.)
(cooper is on the left in this photo...)
i've posted on here before about following stefanie's blog ni hao y'all.  well, she is simply amazing.  she is, by the way, in the process of adopting again, making her grand total of children to be 10.  that's right... ten.  diez.  t.e.n.  (6 through adoption from china.)  anyway, she is on the board of directors for an orphan's wish, and she occasionally posts about the organization, and the children that need to be sponsored.
i started to really want to sponsor a child in china, and what better way than through them!  they are fantastic.  you can read what they do here.  every week i would look up the children, read about them, see who had been recently fully sponsored, and pick one out for myself.  every week, ben said to wait.
they are doing a drive right now, 100 sponsors in 100 days, and it ends this sunday, the 17th.  i think that was a little extra motivation, because ben finally agreed to it!  as soon as i got home, i sponsored cooper.
after months and months of praying for this... i am thrilled.  just look at his sweet face...
cooper has osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease.  he frequently breaks one of his little bones, or fractures them... especially since learning to walk.  he was born in february of 2009.  he will stay in the unit until he is ready to move to foster care, and from there will be adopted.
he just makes me smile.
(cooper is on the left in this photo, with the caregiver's arms around him.)
so what are you waiting for? will you consider sponsoring a child today??  click here for more info.  you can also click here to view all of the children.  be sure to click on the additional unit tabs at the top to see them all.


Anonymous said...

maybe you'll get to meet him someday!

Chris said...

What a lovely post on Cooper!

I just love this little guy!

Thank you Ashia for your love and commitment for him!

What a blessing you are!

(AOW Sponsorship Coordinator)