Thursday, October 14, 2010

boring week

we have stayed home this week, for the most part.  so much that, i actually feel bad for keeping peanut inside so much!  she is really good about entertaining herself, as you can see below.  :)
we've been practicing using plates and bowls.  before, she has always picked them up and dumped all of the food out, but she is doing much better.
i found a photo of the 3 of us from last christmas, so i framed it and put it in our living room.  she will not leave it alone!  she will go look at it and point at it (i always tell her that daddy is in the photo), and then she takes it down and carries it with her.  this photo is blurry, but i tried to "capture the moment." ha!
we have gone into town a couple of times, but now i can't even remember what for.  :)  they were very quick trips!

i have really gotten into ebay lately.  since peanut is now in a new size of clothes, and the seasons are changing to cold weather, i've been getting her some things for the cheap!  who knew that squeaky shoes were so cheap?!  (not to mention adorable!)  i got her 3 pairs of squeaky shoes in different colors (brand new), for what 1 pair of stride rites would cost.  i've been eyeing this pair of stride rites for so long! :(  i've also gotten her a lot of new pajamas.  every time i turn around, she is out of pajamas because i haven't done laundry fast enough.  and... ok, i'll admit, sometimes we just like to wear pajamas all day if we're hanging out at home.  :)  she also just recently outgrew most of them, and she needed warmer ones for winter.  i placed a large order with to get my favorite swaddlers 2-3's, and also got some fleecy pajamas!  i also got a few pairs off of ebay brand new.  i'm telling y'all, ebay is the bomb.

anyway, speaking of, don't forget that you can get 15% off of your first order using the code ASHIABLOG!  you can shop or, and they have everything... clothes, shoes, gear, diapers, food, toys, books, etc.


Hollie said...

We worked on using a plate Saturday night! :) She never tried to turn it over or throw it down!
She's growing up. Love you all.

Amy said...

Hey...have you heard of ebates? Go through & get 1-3% cash back on your ebay purchases!!! I also go through ebates for orders from Old Navy, Shoebuy, JcPenney, etc... Btw, Old Navy is normally 2% cash back, but right now it's at 8%..woohoo!