Friday, September 17, 2010

twelve months

twelve months
  • you weigh 19 lbs.
  • you are 30 inches tall.
  • your head is 18 inches.
  • you are in a size 3 diaper, and still wearing the swaddler 2-3's.
  • you are in size 12 month clothes, or 12-18 month.
1st year
  • you wear a size 3 shoe, and can still fit in your size 2 sandals for a little bit longer.
  • you still only have 4 teeth.  2 on top, and 2 on bottom.
  • you have taken several steps now, but you are still working on your balance.  you take a couple of steps, and then go back to crawling.
  • you are understanding so much that it is amazing to me.  you love on your baby dolls, just like we love on you. 
  • you take a morning and an afternoon nap.  you go to bed around 7:30 or 8pm, and sleep around 12 hours.  sometimes you get up once or twice, but you have been doing much better about sleeping through the night.
  • you are eating mostly solid foods now.  you still have your cereal morning and night, too.
  • you quit nursing for several days, but have since nursed a few times.  we are slowly but surely weaning, and i think it's way harder on your momma than it is on you!
  • you take a bottle most mornings and afternoons.  i'm working on cutting those out, but you love them, and whine for them.  you have had cows milk as of this week, and you like it ok, but not as well as formula.
  • you have had some new foods this week.  peanut butter and jelly sandwich, grilled cheese, and doughnuts.  healthy, right?  :)  i promise they were spaced out.  (your daddy went and got you doughnuts for your birthday this morning!)
  • you are so sweet and loving.  you smile at strangers all of the time.
  • your favorite t.v. show is still yo gabba gabba, but you really are into your baby einstein dvd's.  you still sit or lay in the floor and watch the whole thing.
  • you have really started being attached to your daddy.  you get so excited to see him, and want him to pick you up.
  • you hate wearing bows in your hair all of a sudden.  you are constantly pulling them out and handing them to me.  the other day, your gammy found 1 in your toy-box.
  • you went to your first high school football game sept. 3rd, and mississippi state football game the next day, the 4th.
  • you love to ring your cowbel, and will ring it when we tell you to and start to cheer for the dawgs!
  • you are still super attached to your pacifiers.
  • your favorite snack is probably a banana.  you will eat almost a whole one.
  • you will let strangers hold you, which is kind of good, and kind of bad, i think.
"he has done great things for us and our hearts are full of joy." -psalm 126:3

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