Thursday, September 2, 2010

thankful thursday

i mentioned in this post earlier this week that monday we were given free tickets for the football game this saturday, and a hotel room for that night!  well y'all... i am just so excited!!  maybe it's because i haven't been to a football game in 2 years, because last year, i was very pregnant, and then had peanut.  so, i am very ready to be on campus this weekend and cheer on the dawgs! 
another blessing that i got monday was that i won a blog giveaway for a motherlove product.  i chose the green salve.  motherlove is an awesome company that is very pro-breastfeeding, and sponsors #bfcafe chats on twitter once a month.  it's very kind of them to do that!  they have great products that are all organic, and are for pregnant moms, breastfeeding moms, and babies.
i've followed a lady named judy on twitter for a while, and i've also bought some things from her store.  she had a giveaway on her blog, and to enter, you had to upload a 20 second video on why you breastfeed.  i didn't want to make a video, so i decided that i wasn't going to do it.  well, she kept mentioning it on twitter, so i decided to enter.  when i went to the website to do the video, i saw that for every video, $5 is donated to a human milk bank in the u.s.!  (so all you breastfeeding mamas, please go here and upload your little video for the campaign.  you can do it right from your computer camera, nothing glamorous about it, and help out our milk banks.  you'll also be entered to win prizes.)  well, y'all... I WON!  and just guess what the prize was... an ameda purely yours ultra breastpump worth $300!  i woke ben up and started jumping up and down when i received her email late last night.  ha!
i'm still in shock about winning the pump.  i mean, i enter giveaways on blog all.of.the.time. and never win a thing.  wow.  ameda is supposed to ship it directly to me, so i will be blogging about it again in the future, i'm sure.  :)

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Martha said...

I would be jumping up and down too! That thing is EXPENSIVE! That is exactly what I used all 18 months I pumped. Amen! Congrats girl!