Saturday, September 4, 2010

piano, highchair, and gameday

i posted a photo of peanut recently playing her piano.  well, this one tops the cake.  she pushed her piano into the kitchen, set it up on this chair, and was playing away while i ran and grabbed my camera...
haha, she is so funny sometimes.  like i said before, i just wish i knew what she is thinking most of the time.  or maybe i don't!?  ha!

she has gotten to be such a wiggle worm, we've had to break out the "seatbelt" for the highchair.  :(  poor thing.  i know it gets on her nerves while she eats.  she can't reach far out on her tray to get something, and it's more for me to clean, but it's serving the purpose.  no more standing in the chair.  she was watching me cook the other night, while playing with my sunglasses.  she can't stand to wear them, but she likes playing with them.
speaking of cooking, did i mention that i took a canyon out of my thumb with the cheese grater the other night? i sure did, and it surely hurts!
well, the time has come, y'all... it's GAMEDAY!!!!  :)  can't wait to share about our day with y'all!  i could barely sleep last night from the excitement!  ha!
we went to cheer on the vikings last night, and they won!  i will have to do a post on that with a few horrible phone camera photos, since technically it was peanut's first football game!

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*Jess* said...

I see a pianist in your future!