Wednesday, September 1, 2010

our saturday

saturday we practiced using a...
i helped her out by putting the food on it, but she put it straight to her mouth every time, and then held it out for more.  baby steps.  :)  in her defense, she was eating mandarin oranges at the time, and those are really slippery on the tray.  :)

daddy had to work all day on saturday, so we did more playing, and yelling at the cars going by...
i know y'all think i make her look at books, or either i put a book in front of her for photos, but i promise you, this is what she "plays" with most of the day!  in the photos above, she's checking out the latest book that her daddy bought her about harvest time.

she is starting to really connect with ben.  she says da-da a lot now.  if i ask her about da-da, she starts saying it, and she gets so excited when she sees him.  saturday was the first day that i told her that da-da was home, and she crawled in the kitchen looking for him.  she was so happy when he came in the door.
she loves playing with her daddy, and she will now get upset if he leaves her.  he rocked her in the middle of the night saturday night (actually it was like 3:30am, sunday), for 2 hours!  i had no idea he was up that long until the next morning, but he rocked her, gave her a bottle, and put her back to bed. 

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Grace said...

Precious, she's looking at that book wondering why her Daddy does that when her food comes in a jar. LOL