Friday, September 3, 2010

lazy week & keeping kids

wow, i have been so lazy this week, y'all!  we have stayed home every day!  we did go to town to eat lunch with daddy on monday and thursday, but that has been it!

i have of course been doing laundry.  that is a never ending job at our house.  i don't see how 3 people can dirty so many clothes, but somehow, we are capable of it.

i finally finished up reading the last song.  i stayed up until 3am tuesday morning to finish it.  crazy, i know, but i just couldn't stop!  :)  it is next in my netflix queue, so i can't wait to watch the movie.  next, i have got to finish up reading crazy love, so i can move on to eat pray love.  i want to read the book before i see the movie.

peanut's birthday invitations came in the mail yesterday, so i got those out.  i'm starting to really dread this first birthday thing.  i think reality is starting to hit me.  my baby is ONE?!  whaaaaaat?!?!?!  where did the time go!?!?!  it's so exciting for her, but so sad for this mama! i think i finally have all of my ducks in a row with the party.  i have 1 more box coming in the mail, and we will be ready.  i keep telling the hubs that the 1st is a milestone birthday, and parties after this won't be so big.  i don't know if he believes me or not.  ha!  :)

yesterday when we got back from mailing the invitations, i laid peanut down for a nap, and started reading on crazy love.  well, she wasn't wanting to go to sleep, and our friend amanda called to see if i could keep their 2 kids while she took her hubs to the hospital for tests.  i said of course, so we had 2 more for the rest of the night!  alana wanted a pop tart for her snack...
and clayton had fun bowling on the wii...

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