Saturday, September 18, 2010

happy birthday, austin!

peanut had a wonderful day on her birthday!

we started a tradition with her that we will keep with all of our children... every year on their birthday, when they wake up, or we wake them up, they get to open a gift in bed. daddy was already gone for work, but when she woke up, i took her the gift, and she was so happy!  i wrapped it with tissue paper, so it would tear easily, and she unwrapped it mostly by herself.  it was the book "happy birthday, baby" by dr. seuss.  one more book for the collection.  :)
she slept in really late that morning, so she was in the best mood.  isn't her little bed head the cutest?  :)
she played for a little bit before breakfast.
and then she had the best breakfast! her first doughnut!
daddy went to the bakery for us for a special treat. i think she liked it. :)
later for lunch, she had her first grilled cheese.
and she loooooved it.
she spent the afternoon with gammy, because i had to help photo shoot some bridal portraits.  she didn't take an afternoon nap at all.  i repeat, at. all.  that night, we went to the academy's homecoming for a little while, and then back home for bed.

dear sweet baby girl,

happy birthday! i can't believe that this day is already here. this past year has gone by so quickly, and i have enjoyed every minute of it! it has been the best year of my life. i have thought about your first birthday for the longest time, and never once did i think that i would be sad. it has really been bittersweet for me. i want you to stay my little baby austin for forever, but i'm so excited for you to be reaching this milestone. it's an important part of your life, and means that you are growing just like you should be.

you are now a beautiful, busy-body little toddler, and you fill our home with love and laughter. i feel so honored and privileged to be your mommy, and i'm very thankful for all of the time that we get to spend together. i love you so much. happy birthday, princess.

i love you always,


Veronica said...

Ahhh, I love all the pics, esp the one where her nose is scrunched up. So cute! I'm glad she had a wonderful birthday and I just love your letter to her. That first year does go so fast, for sure!

I remember when Alyssa turned one it was all I could do to just sit in her room and just bawl my eyes out. Crazy how time just flies!

The Banks Family said...

Honey before you know she will be blowing candles out on her second birthday! I literally teared up when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him when he was one but when he turned too I wanted to just CRY! I didn't though cause he was just to excited!!! I'll blink again and he'll be three!!!