Monday, September 6, 2010

gameday, baby!!

we had a fantastic 3 day weekend!!!!  it started with gameday on saturday!!  it was mississippi state's first football game of the season.  we left home right after lunch, got to campus, and just strolled around.  it was pretty hot, but not unbearable, and beautiful clear sunny skies!  this is what peanut mostly did...
...drank her juice, and people-watched.  :)  she loved being on campus with all of the commotion.  ben and i had never seen so many tailgates, in all our years of football games.  the hype on campus was unreal, and so exciting.  i'm so glad we got to go be a part!  here is a couple of tailgates across the way from where we hung out the most.  this was apart from the craziness of "the junction."  i just loved this little guy's outfit and helmet!  haha!  isn't he a cutie?? 
here's peanut waiting for her next bite of goldfish crackers from mrs. carol...
the team coming through...
we are, in my words, "tailgate moochers!"  :)  we went to 4 tailgates, 2 of businesses that ben does business with, and 2 to hang out with friends.  here's peanut playing at trent and megan's tailgate...
ben and trent discussing the latest news... (i have no idea what they were talking about!)
we went to the junction at 4pm to hear the band play.  the drum-lines get me pumped for the game!  :)
peanut didn't take a nap all afternoon, so when we got in the game, i fed her supper, and she was veeeeery cranky.  she didn't freak out with all of the noise from the cowbells, and everyone around us was super nice to her, giving her pom-poms and stuff.
white-out at davis wade stadium!  sold out game, and one of the biggest crowds in history...
we had great seats, even though i only got to stay for maybe 10 minutes!  :(
i took peanut back to the tailgate to try to get her to take a nap.  we strolled with the stroller around the drill field over and over and over and over, until my feet and legs were absolutely killing me, and she was wide awake.  no fooling this chick!  :)
we beat memphis, 49 to 7!!  woot woot!  GO DAWGS!!!!!!
it was a long, but very fun day!!  this summed it up... :)

"49 Bulldawg points for 49ers Anthony Dixon and one point better than Ole Miss. CLANG YO BELL!!"

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