Monday, September 13, 2010

football and playing with gammy

we had a great day on saturday.  it was the first day of the week that i didn't have to get dressed to go out, so we had a nice relaxing day at home!  it was the opening weekend for sec football, and even though our beloved bulldogs lost on thursday night, we watched all of the other games on saturday.  (here's peanut on thursday night!)
we have a little football tradition at our house... whenever we are watching football games on saturday, we cook hotdogs on the grill!  :)  we also looooove sauteed onions on just about everything.  :)
while i was in walmart on friday, i saw these nifty dr. pepper's in the shape of footballs, so i got us all one for game day...
peanut loves having gammy here to play with her. in this photo, peanut was playing her piano, and gammy was singing...
not sure what she was watching on t.v.... probably yo gabba gabba...
practicing walking...
she can take several steps now, if she doesn't think about it.  if she thinks about what she's doing, she drops and starts crawling again.  :)

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Veronica said...

Sounds like fun! I'm not a big sports person only because I wasn't raised as a fan of anything. My Hubby's taught me a little bit and I think this is the first year I'm really starting to catch on, LOL!