Tuesday, September 14, 2010

birthday party #1!

sunday was a beautiful day!!!!  we had some really strong winds that tried to steal our thunder, but everything turned out great.
special thanks to everyone that helped me get this party together! we had pink lemonade, candy favors, and don't ask why ben chose a cheese board to hold down the plates and napkins.  :)
the cupcakes were strawberry cake, and they were sooooo good!
we had little goody bags for the kids... (amy, i will bring you ashton's this week!)
i used feather boas, giraffes, and all of peanut's month photos from her monthly posts in cheap clear frames to decorate the tables.  i'm not sure what our table situation will be like for party #2, but i will try to use most of the same things.  here you can see how bad the wind was.
i had this sweet girl design the invitations for us.  (photo above.)
ashton was the cutest thing. 
he kept bringing peanut sticks to play with, and she was way more interested in the sticks than her gifts.
she ate almost her entire cupcake.  :)  and we paid for it that night, let me tell you.  2 words... sugar high.
this was her gift from ben and i.
the plan is to keep adding on to it in the future. tower, rock wall, sandbox, etc.  a teeny bit unfair for her, because technically it's for all of our children, but i guess she gets to enjoy it the longest.  :)
here's peanut with megan...  (no bow in the hair, gasp!)
thanks to everyone for coming, and we look forward to partying again this sunday.  :)


Amy said...

ashton & i both had a great time at austin's party! it was a beautiful day! thanks for the invite!

Anonymous said...

You did so good on Austin's party. Very cute!!! If you want to come plan and decorate Ali Grace's party, come on! I will be less than 4 weeks away from my due date, so I am thinking of something easy, but I don't want to short her either since the baby will be getting a lot of attention and talk so soon. I love birthdays!!!

Veronica said...

Everything looked amazing! Love all the pics, as usual. I love her gift from you guys too! I so can't believe that Austin's already having a birthday! Seems like just yesterday you sent me the pic of her in her little hat. Boy, time flies!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Austin!! The party decorations are so cute, you did such a great job. I love the picture of the two of you, it's so sweet.