Thursday, August 12, 2010

a weekend of family

peanut and i had a great weekend.  we took off on friday right after lunch, and got to town just in time to do a little bit of birthday party shopping.  we then went to peanut's grandma and grandpa's (my dad) house for dinner.  here's is the new ball that her grandma gave her.  it's a huge bouncy ball that lights up!  pretty cool!
we made the trip for my great grandma's 90th birthday party.  peanut was whiny at first, but she finally opened up to everyone, and was her usual bad self.  :)
austin didn't quite know what to do with ayden!  :)  she doesn't understand what a hug is yet, but she's got a kiss, or "sugars," down pat.
here we are with mamaw!  can you believe that she's still living by herself at 90?
after the party saturday night, we left sunday morning for gammy's house.  ben's sister, mary, and her family were there visiting for the night.  it was so fun for josh and austin to be able to play together.  we hadn't seen josh at all, and they hadn't seen austin since she was a month old.
teething together... :)
peanut decided that josh had had her teether for too long... bad. girl.
gammy kept the older girls entertained with bubbles! these were a different kind that were really sticky so you could hold the bubbles. pretty neat.
papaw came to hang out with us, too.
and here's all the grandchildren... josh, alayna, emma, and austin.

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