Tuesday, August 3, 2010

visiting gammy

peanut and i took off this past thursday to hang out with gammy for a few days.  it was so nice to be away from home, but we really missed daddy!  we rode around and looked at old houses...


we ate... a lot.  we shopped... a little bit.  we rested... a lot.

while we were there one night, i was on the phone with my aunt, my mom was upstairs, and peanut was playing in the floor beside me.  well, she somehow fell and hit her forehead on the coffee table.  it was baaaaaad...
it immediately turned a blueish purpleish color, and popped out like a big goose egg.  :(  my poor baby.  we gave her tylenol, said some prayers, and put her to bed shortly after.  not too long after that, sydney found her way to peanut (gammy had left the door open), and woke her up.  i went and got her to rock her, and the bump was already down, and the bruise had lost a lot of its color!  (the photo above was right after it happened.)  it's almost gone now!

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