Friday, August 6, 2010

solid food

peanut is eating more and more solid food these days.  this may sound horrible, but i feel so overwhelmed with the responsibility of cooking for her!  i've never been a good/healthy eater, so it's hard for me to think of things that she needs to eat that are healthy.  for lunch lately, she's been having bread, cheese, and turkey meat.  as you can see, she's a happy camper when it comes to bread.  :)
for breakfast, she's been eating oatmeal (the baby kind) mixed with either yogurt or fruit.  for lunch, i've been giving her table food, like the "sandwich" above.  for dinner, she's been eating baby food, because i'm ashamed to admit i usually don't have dinner cooked by the time she wants to eat.  then when we're eating later, we feed her a little bit of table food.  she still likes her baby food, too, because she can eat it faster.

i feel like she needs meat, veggie, and fruit at every meal.  is that crazy????

some solids that she loves are bananas, bread, cheese, lunch meat, mandarin oranges, ritz or club crackers, eggs, kiwi, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, chicken, french fries (gasp!), and avocado.  i may be forgetting a few things.

so please tell me... am i not giving her enough table food?  what are some things that i can give her?  ideas??  what do you do??


Grace said...

She can have more veggies this weekend at Gammy's! Love you girls!!!

Martha said...

Okay I am thinking back to when Alex was little. I didn't do a lot of the jar baby food because he hated it. I made most of mine. The best way is to make a bunch and then put it in the fridge for the week. Don't worry too much about variety as that will happen over time.
Here are a few ideas of Alex's favorites!

Any deli meat cut up (Ham and Turkey were favs)
Grilled cheese
EGGS!!! (scrambled)
Mac and cheese
Tomato (he hated them)
carrots - boil them
Corn on the cob - he LOVED this when teething!!
Grilled chicken - cut up very small
re-fried beans
rice - we let him use his hands
mashed taters
green beans
soup - to this day Alex LOVES soup!
pancakes or french toast
black beans
fruit cocktail
chicken nuggets
cream of wheat
tuna fish sandwich (he hated it)
English muffin

No obviously these items were cut very small! After several months of trying to force him to eat baby food and him always grabbing my plate I spoke to his ped. She said.. give him whatever I am eating but chop it up small. He was 9 months. He was eating shrimp and crab at 1 yr. Seriously.. He is a great eater to this day. We went through a rough "picky" eating faze around 2.5 but we just pushed through it. Don't kill yourself making her a separate meal. If dinner isn't ready save it for her and offer it to her the next night. This way dinner is "always" ready when she is.

Hope this helps girl!!