Wednesday, August 25, 2010

sick, church, sleep, and photos.

peanut has been a sick little girl for the past several days.  she's had a runny nose for the longest time, and over the weekend, she started coughing.  on our way home from gammy's house, she slept most of the way, and when she was awake, she would just lay there staring into space.  not my baby girl at all.  i could tell she was feeling really bad.  all i can say is... bless the inventor of boogie wipes!
we made a visit to the pediatrician monday afternoon, and it had not moved down into her chest, thank goodness, so she was just given some nose spray, and sinus medicine.
my big girl weighed 18 lbs. and 8 oz.!  i was a little surprised!  i thought she was closer to 18.  apparently, my scales are off.
we had photos taken on tuesday.  y'all, i am just SO excited about them!  for the first time, we got professional ones made outside instead of in a studio.  she wore her matilda jane knot dress, and we used gammy's little red rocking chair as a prop.  i can't wait to see them.
she screamed the almost the whole ride home, which i didn't understand.  but oh, i forgot to mention that her dvd player quit working.  :(  boo.  not good... for mommy.
we at lunch with daddy, and then came home to play.  and read, of course.
what is with this child's obsession with books??
she has gone to bed at 7pm the last 2 nights.  i don't know if she's just so tired lately, and not feeling good, so she needs extra sleep?  or maybe this is a new routine?  i don't know.  just so she doesn't wake up any earlier in the morning.  :)
i also forgot to mention that sunday night, we had one of our first church services!  the "core group" met in a hotel conference/assembly room since our building is still being renovated.  it was such a great time of worship, and we had a great time being with everyone.  it's great to already know people and have friends!  (i just used the word "great" a lot.)
after the service, we went out to eat with trent and megan, our new friends from small group.  remember how i said that we were going to have to choose a group?  well, we were assigned to their group!  it worked out great!  right now, it's just the 4 of us, and we have so much in common.  trent grew up on a farm, and is farming now under a research position, so he and ben have a lot to talk about.  :)  i love how God works out the smallest details for us.
we aren't planning on doing anything the rest of the week!  we have been gone so much that it's so nice to just sit at home!

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Veronica said...

Hope that Austin's been feeling better today. My girls are sick right now too and I just hate it. Love boogie wipes too and thanks for the reminder that I need to stock up!

Love how the Lord worked out your small groups thing with friends that totally get what you guys are about. That's a dream come true!