Thursday, August 5, 2010

peanut's first combine ride!

even though it's too hot here to really even go outside, we decided to ride with daddy one afternoon in the combine! 
it was right after lunch, and peanut was already totally off of her nap schedule for the day, so i thought, "what the heck?"
she loooooooved riding!  when she first saw the corn going into the header, she was reaching out, like she wanted to grab the corn.  :)  (she scratched herself during a nap one day.)  :(
she had to have a little bottle break, too.
her favorite spot was in daddy's lap, because she was loving being able to hold onto the steering wheel.  she also kept her feet propped up on the steering wheel, which made it hard for him.  it was hard to keep her still and entertained, but we lasted for a little while.

daddy's comment was... "this is way harder than i ever imagined."  :)


Allison Guerra said...

so cute babes! can i just say how TINSY TINY she is?!?!?! haha! her tiny little diaper killed me! aliyah's diaper and legs haven't looked like that since she was born:) she's adorable ash...wish i could squeeze her!

Allison Guerra said...
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Julianna said...

AW.. That is so sweet! I love Ben's comment. It made me wonder how many times he had been out there on the tractor imagining his life with a little girl or boy riding with him. Precious!