Tuesday, August 31, 2010

maroon friday, piano, and windows

friday was maroon friday, so peanut and i got dressed in our maroon!  :)  (every friday, mississippi state fans know to wear maroon!) 
(excuse the horrible phone pic!)
we are so excited about football games starting this weekend!  we were planning to just go to campus and walk around, but we were randomly blessed with 3 (free!) tickets, and a (free!) hotel room for the night!  yowsers!  peanut will get to go to her first msu football game!  i have a feeling that it will be a crazy day!
we did a whole lot of playing friday...
speaking of playing... do we have a piano player on our hands?!
peanut has discovered the window.  if i have the blinds down, she pulls at them until i raise them.  she watches for cars to pass by, and is just jabbering away at everything!  :)  i wonder what she's saying!  :)
that night, we had planned to go out to dinner, and then go to the high school football game, but ben got home late, and peanut was already yawning, so we decided to just stay home. 
daddy went and got us a pizza, and we chilled at the house.  i was glad that we ended up staying home, but i sure did hate to miss the game!

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