Thursday, August 26, 2010

it's good to be home

i said before that we would be staying at home for the next couple of days, and we did, for the most part.  :)  wednesday, my mom came into town, so she watched peanut while i cleaned the house and did laundry.  then we had friends over for dinner.
today, we went with gammy to town to eat lunch.  it was the first time that i ordered something for peanut off of the kids menu!  chicken fingers and french fries!  she ate bits and pieces.  she especially liked the roll that was also served on the plate.  go figure.  anyway, i returned something to jcpenney, got a couple of things for peanut at old navy on clearance, and that was about it.  after lunch, i wanted to go to walmart, but peanut was being so good in her carseat, that i decided to just go home.
speaking of carseat... the carseat of my dreams came in yesterday!!  *happy dance!!!!*  i feel really bad for peanut, because i realized that her infant seat has zero padding.  no wonder the poor babe didn't like to ride for long distances.  now she can be all comfy and cozy in her padding upon padding upon padding.  :)  (photos to come.)  here she is checking out her old seat...
i don't know if we talked gammy into leaving the red rocking chair, or if she just forgot to take it home.  but either way, peanut likes having it!  :)
and this is her new favorite cabinet... spices.  i think daddy needs to finish installing the child-proof thingies.
tomorrow will be another day at home for us.  yay!  we have a high school football game tomorrow night, and i'm trying to decide if we go or not.  hmmmmmm....


Veronica said...

Love your diaper bag and that's so neat that Austin's new carseat came in! That's also so cool that you mom came to help you so you could get caught up. I'd love that kind of help around here for sure!

Grace said...

Oh no I forgot my chair! Don't start posting things to try and talk me into keeping it!!!! LOL I love my chair Ash! :-(