Saturday, August 7, 2010

our week

we didn't do much this past week.
ok, we did some things.
on monday night, we went to a kelly's kids party.  i was doomed...  like, i didn't even stand a chance.  but, i did resist buying everything that was laid out in front of me, and only bought 2 outfits.
on tuesday, we didn't go out.  i think that's the day that we rode in the combine.  (yes, i already forgot.)
on wednday, we had to be up early because i had a dermatologist appointment that morning.  i have had little red bumps around my mouth for weeks now.  ben told me it looked like a disease, and i had go to the doctor.  :)  turns out, i have perioral dermatitis.  she gave me an antibiotic cream and a facewash (not sure if i will use the facewash or not.  it's kind of expensive.  i'm using samples to see if i like it.)  so, if you have seen me, or see me with my red bumps... no, i do not have a disease.
thursday night, we had a farm bureau thing.  i will do a separate post on that later.
friday, we went to lunch, and then met up with the farm bureau group again to tour the vet school on campus (mississippi state).  it was so fun and interesting.  peanut only got to see 1 dog in person, but she was just in love.  she looooves dogs.  after that, we drove down to spend the weekend with my family!


Veronica said...

I love Austin's outfit in this post! I bought the exact same one from Old Navy for Livvie and she wore it on the 4th!

Yay for not having a disease (LOL) and maybe on future posts you can share more about farm life for those of us who have no clue what combines and such look like! ;)

Julianna said...

LOVE that second pic of baby A! Cracks me up.