Monday, August 16, 2010

harvest 2010

ben has been on me lately about not posting enough about the farm.  i agree, i should post more about it, even though he compared me to the pioneer woman.  :)  "she always posts about their ranch!"  how he would know that, i have no idea, because i know that he doesn't read her website.  maybe it's because i have been showing him a lot of her photos of charlie, because i am really wanting a bassett hound these days.


after i posted the photos of peanut and i riding in the combine with ben, my sweet blog friend, veronica, gave me the idea to post more about the combine for people that have no clue what it is.  i don't think about people that don't know anything about the farm.  i should, because before i moved to the farm, i had not even seen a combine, either.  so here is a small tour of what goes on during corn harvest.  enjoy!  :)

the corn has to be dried out with low moisture before it's ready to harvest.  it's not juicy like the kind you eat.  it would hurt your teeth to bite it!
this is a horrible looking ear, but hey, it was right on the end, and i wasn't going the extra mile just for a photo of an ear of corn.  :)
this is the combine shelling corn.
the header goes in between each row and takes the ear off of the stalk, and leaves the stalk...
it keeps the kernels, and spits out the husk, cob, and everything out behind.
see, no corn left on the cob!  :)
what's left of the stalks... these will later be disked over and over after harvest, in preparation for next spring's planting time.
this is probably my favorite site of corn harvest.  seeing the top of the combine from the corn.  i don't know why.  :)  maybe because i know that the hubs is near.  :)
while the combine is running and shelling, it extends the auger...
a tractor and a grain cart come along so that the combine can unload...
they unload "on the go" while the combine is still continually shelling...
the grain cart then goes across the field, or to wherever the nearest truck is, and extends its own auger...
it dumps into the truck.  these are our own personal trucks that we use just for hauling grain.
the truck then goes to the designated grain bin and unloads from the bottom like this...
the tractor powers the auger (that long thing) that shoots the grain up to the top, and dumps it into the grain bin.
more grain storage...
when the grain is sold, we hire trucking companies to come and take the grain to wherever it needs to go...
it's dumped out from the bin like this...
and shot up through the auger to load the truck.
during grain harvest (corn and soybeans) there is A LOT of dust involved, as you can see below.
peanut slept the whole time we were out and about on the farm...
and i entertained myself by taking photos of everything around me.
so there you have it.  hope you enjoyed your small tour.  :)


White's Catch 22 said...

Great Job! I enjoyed all the photos and explanations. Ben should be proud of you! You should be proud of you too! :)

Beth Graham said...

I think this is wonderful! I can't wait to get home and show Jeremy. I don't think about people not knowing anything about farming either, but if I look back just about 10 years ago, I didn't know anything about farming or milk production! You did a great job!

Veronica said...

Thanks for doing this post! I actually starting reading it day before yesterday and then the hubs came home and he took over the computer and the rest is history! I was showing him this post since thinking he would find it interesting and I told him I thought it was so neat that you shared all of this. We got to talking about how farm life is probably a lot like our life in the trades where sometimes it's really busy and then slow in other years. I told him how neat I thought it was to see the tractor in action and know you were a part of something so neat and he laughed at me and started singing that song, She thinks my tractor's sexy." I couldn't stop laughing!!!

Loved all your pics and thanks again for sharing!