Tuesday, August 17, 2010

eleven months

eleven months
  • you weigh 18 pounds exactly.
  • you are 29.5 inches long.
  • you are in a size 2-3, or 3 diaper.
  • you are wearing a variety of sizes in clothes right now.  you can still wear your smocked 6 month dresses, and 9 month polo dresses.  in bubbles you are in 12 month.  in general, you wear 6-12 month, or 9-12 month.
  • you are in a size 2 shoe.
  • you are sooooo attached to your blankets. i think it's the sweetest and cutest thing.
  • you are standing on your own a little bit now, but you are still learning to balance yourself.  i think you will be taking a step any day!  you can even bend down and pick something up while standing (this just started)!
  • you have 2 bottom teeth, and 2 top teeth.  you love it when it's time to brush them.  i guess the infant/toddler toothpaste tastes good.  :)
  • you are so into books that it is just amazing to me.  i have never seen a baby love books like you do.  you are constantly flipping through a book, and you seem to really be focusing on the pictures.
  • you are a great eater.  you are eating more and more table food.  your favorite thing is probably bread.
  • you sleep from about 8:30pm to 7am, getting up once around 5 to nurse.
  • you are really ticklish under your arms!  we looooove to hear you laugh really hard.
  • you nurse when you get up in the morning, and when you go to bed at night.  then mid morning, and mid afternoon, you take a small bottle.
  • you take a morning, and an afternoon nap.
  • you are doing so much better riding in the car!  we have been on 2 "big" trips (2 hours) alone together, and you did great!
  • your favorite toys are: sophie, all books but especially the pat the bunny book, shopping cart, stacking rings, and the mini pianos.
  • you can't stand wearing shoes.  every time i put them on you, and we are out in public, you take them off.  i've had so many random people bring your shoes to me, because i didn't even know that one was missing.
  • your favorite t.v. show is yo gabba gabba, but you also like mickey mouse clubhouse, blues clues, and hi hao kai-lan.
  • you love to give punkies food or cookies (her treats).
  • you are starting to discover drawers, cabinets, and doors.  your new favorite thing is to shut me out of your room.  after a few minutes you get upset that you can't open the door, so i open it for you, and then you shut it right back.
  • you can wave bye bye.  you can give a kiss (or "sugars"), both by leaning in for an actual kiss, or my smacking your lips trying to copy the kissing sound i make to you.
  • when you find something, i can say, "give (or bring it) it to mama," and you usually will.
  • you say dada a lot now, and i'm pretty sure that you know what you're saying.  you can also say mama, and uh-oh.  i think you are trying to say bye bye, but it's not clear yet.
  • you know sydney by her nickname, "punkies."  if i put you down and say, "go find punkies," you crawl around and find her.  you love playing tug-of-war with her and her toys or blankets.
  • some words that are really familiar to you are: mama, dada, punkies, bye bye, go, juice, bite (as in food), eat, milk, no, gammy, blow (your nose), blanket, kiss, and paci.
you get sweeter every day!


Veronica said...

Wow, can't believe Austin's almost one! Are you working on stuff for her birthday party already?

I smiled when I read her weight. Alivia was 17.2 lbs at her four month check up on Monday! Crazy!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love all the pics, she is beautiful :)