Wednesday, July 14, 2010


so.  i need to vent a little bit.

what is it about sundays?  apparently, mr. lucifer thinks it's fun to mess with me every sunday.  does this happen to y'all??  ben and i wake up (it seems like) fighting arguing.  i wonder sometimes if it's because we've (especially him) had a long week, we're tired, and just want to relax.  we argue over who's going to feed austin breakfast.  who's going to change her diaper.  who's going to watch her so one of us can sleep more.  who's going to cook us breakfast.  why we're always late to small group.  you name it, we can argue about it on sundays.  it's sooooo frustrating!  i feel like our hearts aren't in the right place for worship on that day like they should be. we can go all week without arguing.  until sunday.

ok, i think i'm done with that. 

i don't really have much to blog about.  peanut and i haven't done a thing except for grocery shop, and a teeny bit of clothes shopping to get her some new pajamas.  i haven't washed them and tried them on her, but they look really big to me.  :(  they're carter's size 12 mo., which in carter's language is 9-12 mo., i believe.

one of my favorite things to listen to is praise and worship music.  new style.  you know what i'm sayin?  i loooooove hillsong.  every summer they put out a new live worship c.d., and i'm telling you.  it is one of the greatest things that i've discovered about life.  :)  seriously.  every year, i get the new c.d. and keep it in my c.d. player in my bedroom until they new one comes out the next year.  i never get sick of it.  AND i have it on my ipod, so i play it in the car, or in peanut's room.  click HERE to check it out!

A Beautiful Exchange

i hope y'all are having a good week.  maybe tomorrow i'll have something more interesting to write about.  :)


Goodnight moon said...

Ahh..yes...the, "who gets to sleep in longer" arguement. As I am sure you one ever wins that battle. If you get up your mad the entire time...but if they get up, you can't fall back asleep because you can hear the baby crying or you know hubs isn't do what you would do, or the house is just TOO loud.

Oh the fun.....

Veronica said...

Just about to log off of FB when I caught this post!

I'm glad I came over because I wanted to tell you that I can SO relate! That was one of my main frustrations when we attended the last church we went to. The enemy knows how to get us all messed up, but we can't let him win!

I'll be praying that this Sunday will be better for you guys and maybe you can pray for us too! We have plans to check out a new church this Sunday so I really hope it works out because we NEED a church family! I went to meet some super nice moms today with MOPS from that same church today and it was so much fun!

P.S. Love your "new school" comment on Christian music! Ditto! I will have to check out that CD for sure. Do you like Kari Jobe? Love her!