Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sleeping and huggies jeans

we interrupt this program for some special breaking news...
peanut has made a huge accomplishment the last few days.
i feel like life as a mommy has gotten much easier more complete with this accomplishment!
she is going to sleep on her own!!
she started fighting me in the rocking chair every time it was bed time.  nap time and at night.  so when that began, i started just kissing her and laying her down in her crib.  at first, she did cry for a little bit, but now... she usually doesn't make a peep.
and the silence is music to my ears!!!!  :)
now, every time, i give her lots of kisses, lay her down with a paci, snuggle her with her blanket and doll, and leave the room.  wow, just wow.  i never thought this day would come.  :)  now i'm not saying that she actually stays asleep all night.  but last night, after every feeding (she went back to every 3 hours!), and after her early morning feeding, i laid her back down semi-awake, and she went right back to sleep quickly.
i will admit, it's a little bittersweet, though.  most nights, it was so sweet snuggling together and rocking.  she always smells so good at night after her bath.  i love that sweet baby smell.  but it's also nice not having to worry about waking her up as i'm laying her down.
this is one more step in the "growing up" direction.  :(

p.s. we are trying out the huggies jean diapers, and i am not a fan.  (not meaning that i don't like the jean look, i'm just not a fan of huggies in general.)  i had also bought a small package of the normal huggies little movers to try.  first of all, they leak.  when we got home from shopping the last 2 days, peanut has been soaking wet, through her clothes, and up her back.  now that we are drinking more water and juice, she goes a lot more, but it seems like i can't ever change her fast enough with these things.  also, they have no scent, so i don't think they have any odor absorbing/blocking capabilities.  when she's wet, she smells like tee-tee, and that wasn't the case with her pampers.  (not that pampers are scented, but if you smell them, they do have a different little smell.)  they also aren't as soft as pampers.  the pro is that we thought when she was smaller that she was allergic to huggies, but come to find out, she always gets those little red places on her booty, no matter what brand.  so, even though i'm not a fan of the pampers cruisers (because they sag so low that peanut can practically sing the "pants on the ground" song), i guess we will be going back to them.  why can't they make the pampers swaddlers diaper in ALL sizes?!?!?!  those things were just the icing on my cake.

woa, that was a long p.s.

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