Friday, July 30, 2010

the peanut and the punkies

peanut has always loved sydney, but now that she's more mobile, she reaaaaally loves her.  or maybe it's just more evident since she can pretty much express her feelings.
she loves to pull down all of sydney's blankets.  i don't know how i did it, but i managed to get both of my girls addicted to blankets.  they each loooove cuddling up in them.
peanut has now figured out that she can feed sydney.  she will let sydney lick on whatever she's eating, and then keep eating it.  gross, i know.  she will also hand her thing, or drop them from the high chair.  i have to keep sydney locked up at meal times now.  :(
she thinks it's the greatest thing.
i have to admit, it is pretty cute and funny sometimes.  now.  i'm sure it won't be in months and years to come.

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Lisa & Ryan said...

Oh my goodness. So cute! I think these are my fav pics of her. I want to squeeze that little baby. She looks so happy!