Wednesday, July 28, 2010

our wednesday

peanut and i had a great day today.  she let me sleep in a little bit this morning, which was much needed.  she was wide awake at 2am this morning and screaming, so i went and got her, nursed her, and she went right back to sleep.  i don't know what her deal was. 
we had lunch with daddy today, then we went and checked out outdoor playsets for peanut.  it will more than likely be her birthday gift from us, and i can't wait.  it will be so nice to have something to do outside, instead of just sitting in a lawn chair.  :) we also went to buy me a couple of sweet things tshirts (i could live in those things), the post office, and the grocery store.  it was hard to choose, but here are the shirts that i got...
ain't they cute?  i have a couple more that i wear so much that they are usually always in my dirty clothes hamper.  i think this is my first ever "mama" shirt.  ha!
see that paci in peanut's mouth?  well, we made a new accomplishment on sunday night.  i will explain... mam has 3 different sizes of paci's.  0-2 month, 2-6 month, and 6+ month.  the nipple on the 6+ month is a little bigger than the others, so peanut would never switch to them.  well, on sunday night, on the way to small group, i realized that i didn't pack a paci.  on the way home, we went by walgreens for me to get one so that she would go to sleep on the way home.  they had the 2-6 month that she liked, but i decided it was time to make the switch, so i got 6+ month, and didn't give her a choice.  either she sucked it and went to sleep, or she didn't, and would scream.  well, she was not happy with me!  she kept spitting it out and screaming until i said, "ok just scream."  :)  ever have those days?  :)  she finally put it in her mouth and went to sleep, so when we got home, ben and i robbed all of the 2-6 month size.  only 4 months late, but hey... we did it.  :)

anyway, the grand finale for our day was that our vacuum cleaner came in!  woot woot!!
we vacuumed the whole house last night, so we were excited to see how much more it would pick up.  we were so disgusted by how much dirt and sydney-hair it picked up.  ben emptied the container, but you can see that it's cloudy from the dust.  i love it!  it's so easy to maneuver!!  one NOT funny story... i almost messed it up on the first room that i vacuumed.  i got too close to a cord, and it sucked it up so fast!  i got a good lecture about vacuuming close to cords, and thankfully, the vacuum is ok.  :(  leave it to me.


Veronica said...

Those shirts are awesome! Never heard of them before today.

Yay for switching binkies. Alivia won't even hear of them and some days I wish she would just take one!

So cool you got your vaccum. I'm so jealous! :)

Grace said...

Great, looks like you racked up! Hey send your old Vac with Steve and maybe he'll vacuum the camp house. :)

Morgan said...

You are so much fun! Love reading what's up with y'all!
If you were at the Hobby Lobby and Target that are like 5 minutes from my house, I am so mad!!! You better call me when you are down here!

Too Much Good said...

Hi there! I just came over from Southern Mamas. What sweet pictures you have :-) I love that quote about a mother holding her children's hearts; we actually had that painted on a sign for my mama last Christmas!