Friday, July 9, 2010

a little visit

we decided on tuesday, that we would take off for a couple of days to visit our parents in their new house!  i had never even seen the house, so i was dying to make the 2 hour drive to scope it all out.  we left home on wednesday, as soon as ben could leave the farm, and we got all packed up.  you know, with a baby, you have to take everything but the kitchen sink.

peanut made herself right at home pretty quickly.
sydney made herself at home, too.  here we are blogging.  :)
it was nice to have a few extra hands with peanut.  i slept in 1 morning, and i found this photo on my camera of peanut having her baby yogurt.  ha!  gammy always gets her food in her nose.  you have to be quick because she does not sit still!
we had such a good time.  we did a little shopping in the downtown stores thursday.  of course, i found tons of stuff to buy, but ended up not buying anything!  everything i found for austin was in like 2T sizes, and i do buy some things ahead if i get great deal, but not just anything.  i found her some super cute bloomers, but they were out of the "a."  it was just not meant to be!  i'm sure we will have many more shopping days with gammy.  we also found the best deli for lunch, and i promise you, they make some of the best turkey sandwiches that i've ever eaten!!  we went for lunch on thursday and friday! ben treated me to a manicure and pedicure at the local spa on thursday.  it was so great!!  it was the "ice cream special," so i was also served a bowl of ice cream while i soaked my feet.  :)  THANK YOU, BEN!!!!  :)  i have the best hubs.

peanut slept the whole way home, and she was pretty excited to wake up and be at home.  she played for a long time while i unpacked her suitcase, and the things that i did buy... diapers.  :)  (i had a huge box of pampers swaddlers 2-3's from target on my back porch when we got back!  yay!  did y'all know they made those?  they go up to 22 lbs, i think it is.  i also bought 2 packs of them at big lots while i was at mom's.  other than that, i've never seen them in stores, only online.)
i can't decide if sydney is glad to be home or not.  she is glad that we're trying to catch up on laundry, so she gets to lay in warm towels for a little bit before they get folded.  when she hears me open the dryer door, she comes runnin!

i'm not sure what we'll do this weekend.  i was thinking about taking peanut to the river for a picnic if daddy can go with us.  we'll see.


Jenilee said...

picnics are lots of fun! we are going to do one in the back yard tonight. :) and I LOVE warm towels too lol

Grace said...

Thanks for coming to visit and come again anytime! I counted eight places that we have not eaten at! LOL
Love you, all of you!

Veronica said...

How fun you got to go on a little trip! So cool that you got served ice cream while getting your pedi/mani. Talk about awesome!

Also meant to tell you I read your post on the Huggies jean diapers and could not agree more with you on Huggies in general. They're terrible and that's why I always preferred Pampers and even the ones from Costco. Have you ever tried the ones from Seventh Generation? I'm curious to see how good those are.