Saturday, July 10, 2010

lazy saturday

i sort of hate lazy saturdays because then it's like we do the same thing for 6 days a week.  i look forward to saturdays to be able to do something different.  but today, ben had to work most of the day, so peanut and i didn't do anything special.  we did watch a movie, and take a nap.  :)
this is what peanut does when she's sleepy, or has just woken up.  she sucks her paci, and holds her blanket up to her nose.  she does this in the carseat going down the road, or laying in her bed.  it's how she comforts herself.  :)  ben said the other day that it's those little quirky things that she does that he never wants to forget!  i thought that was so sweet.

she had to wear her robe for a while tonight while i got her pajamas washed.  she is so long that she's outgrown all of her footed pajamas, and i just realized it this week!  uh oh!
for the first time, we had 2 beggars at dinner time tonight.

the movie that i watched today was nights in rodanthe.  the movie before this one was p.s. i love you.  and it's official... i'm sick of sad, depressing movies!!  i knew that nights in rodanthe was a nicholas sparks, so i was expecting sad, but i didn't realize that those 2 were in my queue back to back.  :(  i'm getting all of these older movies that i haven't seen out of the way.  and netflix is one of my best friends.


Grace said...

So sweet I'm surprised that she didn't loose that robe!

Veronica said...

I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your new blog design. So pretty! I love lazy Saturdays and look forward to hanging out with my Hubby since he's gone so much.

Jenilee said...

look how cute she is in that robe and slippers! oh my! she is adorable! :)