Tuesday, July 27, 2010

just a bunch of stuff

i have been so tired lately, that i haven't felt like blogging!  i can't even remember what we did on saturday, but on sunday, we had small group.  it was our last meeting with that small group.  now we are all splitting up so that all of the groups can grow!  woohoo!  all of the couples in our group, except for us (because we live too far!) and our current leaders, were asked to lead a group of their own, so now we have the very difficult decision of which group to join, because we love all of the couples that were in our group!  i know God will lead us in the right direction when the time comes!
yesterday, peanut and i went shopping.  we went to 7 stores (only 2 were side by side), plus to eat lunch.  it was soooo hot, and we were soooo tired, but she did great.  we ran into our childbirth class teacher, mrs. donna, and it was SO good to see her for a second!  she was glad to see peanut in person, and not just on the blog.  :)
today, we haven't done a thing.  well, nothing but clean a bathroom, clorox tub toys, fold clothes, sweep, vacuum... you know those things.
peanut has been so ill and clingy today.  i know she's teething because 1. she's so ill, 2. she's drooling like a waterfall, and 3. she wants to sit in my lap, or me carry her around all day.  we have 2 bottom teeth, and 2 top teeth, so i'm not sure if this is #5 or what.  bless her heart.  maybe tomorrow she will feel better.
and i'm telling y'all... i'm so SICK of getting her out of sydney's bowls that i don't know what to do!!!!  i don't really have any other place to put them, but every day i try to think of somewhere else, anywhere else, that peanut can't get to them.

check out what i got in the mail last week...
it's not like i don't have enough things to read, but i had this preordered, because i'm such a good fan.  :) (now i have like 5 books to read.  and do i even like reading?  nope!) 
if you're a steven curtis chapman fan, love adoption stories, or want to read about mary beth's incredible story of hope through the loss of a child, check it out!

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Veronica said...

Poor Austin. Hope she's been feeling better. Teething pain is no fun at all!