Friday, July 23, 2010

fun day out and lunch with friends

first of all, thank you all SO much for your feedback regarding carseats!  my friend, amy, found us a great deal, and i was able to get "the carseat of my dreams" (see this post if you have no idea what i'm talking about!) for 20% off!  so, we preordered it last night!  ben must have been feeling eeeeextra generous, because he also ordered the vacuum cleaner of my dreams for me!  (thank you so much, babe!  i promise i will keep the carpet super clean!!)  ;)

today, mom and i had to go on a little shopping trip, because i had to take the 1st carseat back to target.  peanut got some designer diapers (the cynthia rowley ones at target), a new clothes hamper, and a growth chart (from hobby lobby).


i'm not sure about the growth chart now that i think about it.  i will have to compare it to having one personalized and see which one is cheaper.  :)  it may be going back to hobby lobby.  i also picked up the things to make her a banner for her birthday, and decided on a color scheme for her party.  i'm very ashamed to admit it, but i am not being original this time.  i'm totally copying kelly's ideas from harper's birthday party.  of course, photos to come of that later...

we called up some friends of ours that lived in guatemala when we did, and they were able to meet us for lunch! 
andrea, and her girls, shelby and rebecca
i have to constantly feed peanut to keep her from misbehaving.
mom and maria
peanut, me, alicia, and her son samuel.  (he and peanut are a month apart.)
andrea and i were never in high school together, but when i was a freshman, alicia was a senior.  she still loved me even though i was a very annoying freshman.  :)


Veronica said...

Haha! I'm laughing because for some reason I totally knew you were going to buy those new Pampers with the pretty designs! I saw those on Pamper's FB and people were commenting on there saying that they were way too expensive and that the people really want organic not diapers with designs. You'll have to share how you and Austin both feel about them!

Can't wait to see pics of party stuff! LOVE party planning!

Karen At Home Blog said...

Ooh, I saw those diapers at Target. I may have to pick up a pack or two. Jillian just happens to be low on diapers too. What timing!