Monday, July 5, 2010

fun 4th weekend!

we had a great holiday weekend!  friday night, peanut spent a little time with her favorite babysitter, while mommy & daddy went out to eat.  it was so nice to be able to take our time eating!  thank you, hollie!
miss high maintenance...
on saturday, we went out with daddy to get some groceries, and my super, fabulous, wonderful hubs let me upgrade my blackberry!  woot woot!!  *insert happy dance here*

sunday, we went over to some friends' house to visit and to let peanut experience the big pool!  here she is with nichole...
she floated around in her float for the longest time.  just chillin in the sun.  she was not crazy about wearing her hat, though.  it was a fight to keep it on.
later that night, we introduced the toothbrush!  i've been just using the little finger brush thing to go over her gums, but now we have the real deal.  :)
my toofies are clean, mom!  see????
the rest of the night, we just grilled burgers, and hung out with my papaw and our parents on their last night in town!  yep yep, they moved across the state today!
so today, while my hubs helped our parents move, peanut and i did a little shopping. i didn't get all of my errands done, since some stores were closed for the 4th, so we'll have to go back another day.  we also had a very random, and fun lunch with connie and her kids!  we need to get sam and austin together more to play!  (ha, that made me laugh since sam's middle name actually is austin!)

hope y'all had a great weekend!  now let's pray for rain so that i can go on vacation!!  :)


Leslie said...

Hey girl...looks like y'all had a great weekend! I joined e-mealz because of your post!! We will if I can just make it to the store! HAHA!:) The monogram I bought at a boutique, but THEN I found the same ones on ETSY for like $25 (her big gold one...22" on the mirror). The 12" turquoise one on the pink is only $15 on ETSY. Monogram Lane has more sizes and colors, but cost a lot more! I learned my lesson...check etsy first. Another friend of mine told me today about a place to get monogrammed gifts on etsy and I checked it out and her prices are really good....seller - giftchick. Blessings!!!

Allison Guerra said...

what??! they moved?!?! where to?? we need to catch up babes... miss you and love you!

Grace said...

So sweet how did you get her to make exactly the faces you needed for the time? You must have bribed her. Love you kids!