Tuesday, July 20, 2010

crazy love and crazy night

this past thursday, me, mom, & peanut had a little day out.  we had mexican for lunch, and then did a little shopping.  we spent a little time at the clinique counter, and then i found austin this RL dress, and another blue and white RL outfit that is one of my favorites so far.  yes, i'm obsessed.
what can i say?  the child needs 12 month clothes.  speaking of 12 month... these are the new 12 month pajamas on her...
they fit her so good!  her other 2-piece pajamas are from old navy, and i really think these carter's even fit her better.

that night, ben had to be gone out of town for a farm bureau even the next day, so i made a new discovery... peanut will go to bed early!  :)  i put her down at like 8:30, ate some ben & jerry's, watched a little t.v., and then got into this...  CRAZY LOVE!!
i have heard nothing but really great things about this book, and i have been so excited to read it.  i finally picked up a copy, and started on it that night.  i'm trying to steadily read a little each night (i'm not just a huge fan of reading), and so far, it is wonderful!  check it out HERE.  i'm sure i will be sharing more about it later.

that night, i also had a minor catastrophe.  i was putting some groceries away in the pantry, and noticed that one of the shelves was falling!  it was the one with most of the canned goods, so i had to get the cans out as fast as i could!  i got them out just in time.
i'm telling you, weird things like that always happen when the hubs is away.

one more photo of my sweet girl...

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Jaclyn said...

I love shopping for baby K too! TJ Maxx usually has a ton of Ralph Lauren baby stuff for really cheap. I need to make another trip because Kinsey has outgrown all of her Polo outfits.