Thursday, July 22, 2010

carseat drama

we have been going back and forth trying to decide what carseat to upgrade peanut to.  i first bought this...
the safety 1st alpha omega elite.  i ordered it from target, and when it came in, i was immediately unhappy with it.  the latch hook things did not look very secure to me, and they weren't ready to install, you had to thread them through, and it was soooo confusing.  ben didn't like it either, so we're returning it.  it was $160.00.

i have researched over and over and over, gone through countless safety reports, and i'm starting to become a little crazy about this.  seriously... i'm slowly but surely crossing the line into carseat insanity.  but i mean, i know that every mom wants their baby to be safe, so i guess i'm not too incredibly crazy.

one of the runner ups, is the sunshine kids radian xtsl.  it's steel enforced (hard to find!), smaller than most seats, comes in groovy (and solid) fabrics, and all around has some good safety features.  it will cost you $300.00.

up next is the evenflo symphony 65.  my cousin bought this seat, and they are happy with it, but it hasn't satisfied me with the ratings, and it's not on any of the bestseller lists.  it's $200.00.

after uncle sam did his research, his top rated seat was the first years true fit.  at $190.00, this is supposedly the easiest of all carseats to install.  why?  i'm not sure.  but i'm not impressed with how easy it is to install.  ok, maybe a little bit.  but i wanna know how safe the thing is!

well, after all of my research, let me introduce you to the carseat of my dreams... the britax advocate 70 cs.
it comes out august 30th, and it's a lot of buckaroos.  i'm talking a whooooole lot.  like 370 of them.  yea.  it will be steel enforced, extra side impact protection for their little head, a click sound when their buckled in tight enough, and so many other features that i can't even name 'em all.  it's amazing.  if you're into carseats.  :)  britax is the #1 rated seat in all consumer reports, and crash test ratings.  it's also #1 on all bestseller and rated lists.  it's sounding sweeter every day.

so, do i agree with my hubs that it doesn't take $370 to keep peanut safe?  or do i fight for the best?  what would you do?


DeAnne Coleman said...

Farm Bureau - $25! :)

Amy said...

hey gal....i got the Britax Advocate CS (of course the 70 wasn't even out when i had to get something for A) and i LOVE it. i got it because, like you said, "britax is the #1 rated seat in all consumer reports, and crash test ratings. it's also #1 on all bestseller and rated lists." =) the latch system is so wonderful on this baby too! even if it costs more, i say it's worth it to know your child is in a safe seat. go to and you can pre-order the "seat of your dreams" & put in promo code "20OFF", plus FREE shipping & no sales tax....!!! then your total is $295.99

Allison Guerra said...

Britax is what all my nanny families used, and for sure what we're getting for Aliyah! I love's the very best!

Jaclyn said...

We have ordered this one for Kinsey

It is the Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Carseat. It retails for cheaper than the advocate but is essentially the same thing. Consumer Reports claims that all Britax carseats are safe and durable so I'm sure you could get a cheaper Britax that is just as safe. That being said, she will presumably be sitting in it for many years so it will be worth every penny.

*Jess* said...

There is just no way we can afford a Britax, even though they are the best! We opted to get a Graco Nautilus and we are super happy with it. Our 5 year old SN son can still ride in the 5 pt harness.

Unknown said...

I agree with DeAnne!! We have 3 of the Farm Bureau carseats and in my opinion, they are just as good as any other carseat! We got 3 of them so we didn't have to switch out the carseat everytime she rode in a different car.

Veronica said...

Glad you were able to get the carseat of your dreams!