Sunday, June 20, 2010

To Austin

Not really sure how to say the things that I have felt since before you were born.  From the first time that I found out we were having a child, I have felt different.  The pure love that I cannot explain is so amazing.
I started worrying about you long before you got here. I went with your mother to a routine checkup, as I waited thinking we were about to leave, the nurse steps out and says, "can you come with me?" At this point my heart begins to race and mind was spinning. It was way to early for you to come.  Sure enough that was the problem. You were trying to come over a month early. That night I spent the night beside your mother on one of the most uncomfortable cots ever. Oh well I would do it again in a heartbeat.
After they got you to stop trying to come, and we went home. I started praying for you and your mother’s safety. Not even a week later we are back in the hospital, and I was praying and hoping that all was going to be ok.  The waiting was excruciating, then when you finally came out and I saw that you were healthy, the moment I fell in love with you.  I sat in the room for what felt like hours rocking and staring at you, filled with huge amount of joy. Even though daddy lost a lot of soybeans, due to rain, I was extremely thankful that I was able to be there in the hospital with you and your mother. I will never forget those sleepless nights in the nursery talking to you and rocking you. God works in the most beautiful ways.
I am so thankful for you and all you have brought to this family. Everyday when I come home I feel like you have grown a lot and learned something new.  Even when I have had a really bad day your smile lights up my day. I love you more than you can imagine. You and your mother mean the world to me.



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Aaaw this is so so sweet! I love it, your little girl is lucky to have you. And wow she is so so gorgeous!