Sunday, June 27, 2010

reading and accessories!

peanut has really taken an interest in books lately.  she plays with her own a lot throughout the day.  she will even crawl back to her room and get her books down from the shelf.  she likes to sit in my lap and read a little bit.  you know... we can't sit still for too long.

people ask me all. of. the. time. where i get austin's headbands, bows, and flower clips.  i get them all from  the sellers that i purchase from are...
  • the princess & me - this lady is wonderful about custom orders.  i can send her a photo of a dress, and she is on top of it.  this is where her double layer bows and the large pink flower (that you will see photos of soon) came from.
  • bella's bowtique - this is where the famous layla grace beanie and flower came from.  we also got a black beanie with the large red flower that you've seen before (elvis photos).  her 4th of july bow came from here (that you will see soon!), and the peaches and cream large flower that she wore to my cousin's wedding recently.
  • love me knots - this is where all of the medium size solid color bows came from that we mix and match with headbands.  this lady offers great prices on bulk orders, so we bought 10 at a time, i think it was.  you can choose your colors, and we pretty much have every color except for a couple.
  • hooked on you - this is where we got our custom crochet hats that everyone oohs and aahs over.  the brown with pink flower from peanut's birth announcement, the green with hot pink flower, and the pink with white flower (photos appeared on one of my blog headers).  veronica has since quit taking custom hat orders, but is planning on listing items from time to time on her website.
i think that i may post some of these links in my sidebar sometime, in case anyone wants to refer to them later.

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